MUDr. Petr Hájek, hajekp(at)

Topographical anatomy of limbs

Author: Petr Hájek

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English version of our E-learning courses is aimed to foreign students of medicine. It turns their attention to topographical anatomy, which is more practical then systematic anatomy and is closer to perception of clinical medicine. The English version arises from the finished or planned Czech courses. Moreover, it has a task to integrate various foreign sources and to offer help to students situated in outland. This form of study material enables students to repeat the contents of classes after education or to prepare better for following classes in comfort of computer rooms. It can practice especially for dissecting classes and for final examination. Important feature of E-learning is a feedback aimed to both teachers and students. Preferring the individual feedback we want to avoid official evaluation anyway. 2 E-learning courses are under these links: Topographical anatomy of upper limb, Topographical anatomy of lower limb.